Cydia Download for iOS 11.2.5 Best Review

Cydia Download for iOS 11.2.5 is the present curious matter of every Apple device owner. Apple released the most awaited iOS 11.2.5 as the 10th update to iOS 11 and most of the Apple users have upgraded to iOS 11.2.5 and now waiting to get Cydia Download for iOS 11.2.5. There’s a possibility to jailbreak iOS 11.2.5 with the demo of jailbreak iOS 11.2.x by Alibaba team and therefore, Cydia Download for iOS 11.2.5 release date is not so far.

Cydia Download for iOS 11.2.5

iOS 11.2.5 Release

As a result of iOS 11.2.5 betas being developed for weeks, iOS 11.2.5 is now released to the public use. This update is added some new features as well as bug fixes and improvements to the previous iOS versions. You can now read news on Siri calls, all you have to do is ask “Hey Siri, play the news” and you’ll be able to read the news. In addition, the upcoming HomePod in next month also added up with support to transfer your Apple ID, Siri, Apple Music, and Wi-Fi settings. Anyone who has a compatible device can now upgrade their devices and experience these new features.

What is Cydia Download for iOS 11.2.5?

Cydia Download for iOS 11.2.5 is the way you get endless special apps and tweaks to your latest upgraded iOS 11.2.5 device. Cydia is the super app provider for every iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch which has been jailbroken. It has special third-party apps, tweaks, extension, and themes which are not available in the app store and you can use these special apps and tweaks to customize every nook and corner of your iDevice. As Cydia requires root access to your iOS you need to jailbreak iOS 11.2.5 before getting Cydia Download for iOS 11.2.5.

Compatible devices with Cydia Download for iOS 11.2.5

This is the first thing you should be aware of before proceeding Cydia Download for iOS 11.2.5 as earlier versions of iDevices are not compatible with this latest Cydia update. If your device is compatible with this latest iOS update you’ll receive a notification asking for permission to the software upgrade. If not received, check your device with the following compatible device list and navigate settings for the manual software upgrade. After that, you can get the latest Cydia Download for iOS 11.2.5 on your device.

  • iPhone SE
  • iPhone 5s
  • iPhone 6 and 6 plus
  • iPhone 6s and 6s plus
  • iPhone 7 and 7 plus
  • iPhone X
  • iPhone 8 and 8 plus
  • iPad mini 2,3 and 4
  • iPad 5th Generation
  • iPad Air and iPad Air 2
  • 10.5 inch and 9.7 inch iPad Pro models
  • 9.7 inch and 12.9 inch iPad Pro models
  • 6th Generation iPod Touch

Jailbreak and Cydia Download for iOS 11.2.5 Possibilities

Before we come to talk about Cydia Download for iOS 11.2.5 we must know about the current state about jailbreak iOS 11.2.5 as the jailbreak is the prior step before downloading Cydia. Lucky for you, now you can jailbreak iOS 11-11.1.2 with any of the LiberiOS or Electra jailbreak tools which were developed using Ian Beer’s Google’s Project Zero. Thanks to the developers Jonathan Levin and CoolStar now jailbreak iOS 11-11.1.2 is available with different two tools, LiberiOS and CoolStar. However, as Apple patched the relevant kernel level after releasing these jailbreak versions now some developer has to find another level of a kernel to jailbreak iOS 11.2.x versions.

Alibaba Pandora labs were the first to find a vulnerability to find an exploit to jailbreak iOS 11.2-11.2.1 which makes the path to jailbreak iOS 11.2.x. They’re planning to use the same method to jailbreak iOS 11.2.5 and get Cydia Download for iOS 11.2.5. Saurik is working with this latest update of Cydia adding up more functional apps and tweaks to the Cydia store and adding more improvements to the existing apps and tweaks. Therefore, the Cydia Download for iOS 11.2.5 will become up on stage soon, just stay tuned until the release date.

Developer Credits

The great developer behind this wonderful invention is Jay Freeman Saurik and thanks to him, you have endless possibilities to customize your iDevices in different ways. All the credits for copyrighting the Cydia versions go to Saurik and we hope to update you with the latest Cydia news as soon as we hear from the developer.

Safety Notes

Jailbreaking your device may void your device warranty. But installing Cydia will patch up that disadvantage with its beneficial features. However, to avoid from the fake apps or tweaks, research about the apps or tweaks you’re planning to download to your device.

Cydia Download for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch Devices

There’s a great connection between Cydia and iOS. And it is come from a long time. The majority of iPhone/ iPad/ iPod users love to get Cydia Download app on their devices. Because Cydia app becomes the secondary app store of your iPhone once it got jailbroken. And the specialty of this application is it is capable of providing all the features to your iPhone just like the original app store. So we would love to share all the information we know about Cydia Download application with you. At this moment, you can use this Cydia download process for any iOS version.

cydia download

If you want to experience Cydia Download app on your iPhone, then you must follow a special process and that is the proper way of getting Cydia on your device. The process is called jailbreak iOS. Before we go further, we would like to explain you what exactly jailbreak iOS means.


Jailbreaking is basically a process that we use on our iPhones to remove restrictions that have been made by the Apple Company. Yes that’s true. iPhone users have to limit their utilization because of this unwanted security protection. So for those who want to get the root access to the iOS system, jailbreak is the only solution. Through this jailbreak iOS process, you will be able to get the root access to the iOS system by unlocking the device and remove all the limitations that have been made.


It has been a very long time that a jailbreak update didn’t come. Every single Cydia fan is waiting to get an updated jailbreak and Cydia Download version. But the truth is we are still not hearing about a complete Cydia version. And we must tell you that couple of months ago Pangu jailbreak team came up with a jailbreak tool for iOS 10 beta versions. Somehow they were unable to release it to the public. And recently, Luca Todesco introduced Yalu Jailbreak tool that supports iOS 10- iOS 10.2 versions. And still it is in progression but sooner he will released the complete jailbreak tool and Cydia Download app to the public.


  • Backup your device data. It will be helpful to restore the data after Cydia Download
  • Disable “Find My iPhone” [Re-enable later]
  • Disable “Passcode and Touch ID” [Re-enable later]
  • Enable “Airplane Mode” [Re-enable the normal mode later]
  • You must have a suitable data transfer cable (USB)
  • Download the latest jailbreak tool available
  • Update drivers to the latest versions
  • You must have enough power scale of your iPhone in order to complete Cydia Download procedure


  1. Follow true instructions and jailbreak your iPhone successfully
  2. Then connect the iPhone to the computer using a USB cable
  3. Now go to the home screen and you will see that Cydia Download app has been installed on your iPhone
  4. Click on the Cydia app
  5. Now it will take few minutes to identify your iPhone and the system
  6. Once the process is done, your iPhone will automatically reboot
  7. Go and click on the Cydia Download application once again
  8. A pop-up message will appear on your device screen asking you to select a user
  9. Then set yourself as the user in the user account
  10. And then again you will be asked to upgrade the Cydia Download application
  11. There will be an option as “Complete upgrade”
  12. Find it and click on it
  13. Once you complete all these instructions, that means you have successfully installed Cydia Download application on your device



  • Get the root access to the iOS system
  • Change wallpapers/ themes/ lock screen themes/ system fonts/ font sizes/ app icons/ ringtones and many more features
  • Fully customize your iPhone as your requirement
  • If you want to keep the privacy of your apps/ files/ folders then you can easily set up passcode or touch ID to them separately
  • Cydia Download is completely free to download
  • It is 100% legal and reversible too
  • There is a huge variety of apps and tweaks available
  • You can activate special features on your iPhone using Cydia Download
  • Add animations
  • Unlock networks
  • Set up default apps on your device
  • Share files and folders with other devices via Bluetooth facility
  • Make interesting changes in the control center
  • Your iPhone will get speed up


  • Jailbreak could fail sometimes
  • Warranty of your iPhone may get cancelled
  • Apps and tweaks you installed from Cydia Download may crash sometime
  • Usually your iPhone will run in safe mode
  • There is a huge risk of malware and virus attacks
  • iPhone becomes slow and lag due to running lots of Cydia features on the system

Cydia Download Review


The whole concept of this amazing Cydia Download app developed by Mr. Jay Freeman who is famously known by the name of “SauriK” in the jailbreak community. We must be so thankful to him for creating such a useful application for iPhones.

These are the things that we wanted to share with all the Cydia fans. Hope you added something new to your knowledge reading this. So we are so happy to hear all your comments. Or if you have any question related to this post, please do not hesitate to let us know.