Jailbreak iOS 11.4 With Perfect Guidance

In the recent past, Apple released their latest iOS update iOS 11.3 with some new features and we hope you already updated your device to iOS 11.3. If not you can update it now from your device Settings> General> Software Update easily. Anyhow, we already talked about the iOS 11.3 jailbreak from our recent posts and today we are going to talk about the upcoming iOS 11.4 and also a quick review of Jailbreak iOS 11.4 as well.

Jailbreak iOS 11.4

iOS 11.4 Release Date

This is one of the most common questions among iOS users in these days. As we know Apple released their latest update iOS 11.3 at the end of last March and after several weeks they released iOS 11.4 Beta for developers around the world. Most recently they released iOS 11.4 beta as well. But unfortunately, they did not announce an exact release date of iOS 11.4 yet. According to developers, iOS 11.4 will be their last update on iOS 11 as they are going to move into next update at WWDC on 04 June 2018 so we can hope there will be some massive changes in iOS 11.4 without any doubt.

Jailbreak iOS 11.4

Jailbreak is a complicated process running on your iOS and it gains you control of your iDevice in some deepest levels. Once you jailbreak whatever iOS version you have, you can customize it as you want and that’s one of the major reason why iOS users like to jailbreak their iDevices as well. People used to jailbreak iOS since the beginning of iOS and in the past, it was marked as the illegal process as well. Anyhow today it has changed and iOS jailbreak has become 100% legal all around the world and there are hundreds of developers and teams which already developed so many different jailbreak tools to jailbreak different versions of iOS.

Advantages of iOS Jailbreak

If you willing to Jailbreak iOS 11.4, that means you are going to entering a limitless mobile Operating System and that means, you can do anything in your iDevice as you want. Anyhow, I have mentioned some of the best advantages jailbreaks and you must read them before you go to Jailbreak iOS 11.4.

  • Jailbreak iOS 11.4 is 100% free.
  • Jailbreak allows you to customize your device in some extreme levels.
  • You can download and install Cydia on your jailbroken device.
  • Cydia allows you to download thousands of third-party Apps, themes, ringtones and themes in your jailbroken device.
  • You can enhance the functionally of your device.
  • You can also use Jailbreak to clear cache files in your iDevice and clear your storage as well.

How to Jailbreak iOS 11.4

As I already mentioned above, Apple did not release the original version of iOS 11.4 yet. So still there is no way to Jailbreak iOS 11.4. But as they released the number of iOS 11.4 beta versions, we can hope that will release the original iOS 11.4 to the public in the near future. Stay tuned with us and we will inform you as soon they release iOS 11.4 in our next post.

The Latest iOS 11.4 Beta Released!

The latest Apple iOS update iOS 11.3 was released at the end of last March, but iOS fans already started to search for next upcoming iOS update and also the available new features as well. With the release of iOS 11.4 Beta versions, most people got the answers for their questions and they also have officially announced that iOS 11.4 will be their next iOS update and today we are going to talk about the latest iOS 11.4 Beta versions and also about the new features of iOS 11.4 Beta as well.

iOS 11.4 Beta


Latest iOS 11.3 Introduction

iOS 11.3 is still the last iOS update that Apple Inc. managed to released most recently and it came up with some impressive new changes in default iOS including,

  • New Animojis for iPhone X(Bear, Skull, Lion, Dragon)
  • New ARKit for AR designers.
  • Business chat for iMessages.
  • New battery life indicators.

We hope you have already updated your device to iOS 11.3, if not you can update it now from your device Settings> General> Software Update easily.

Upcoming iOS Update

As I already mentioned above, Apple Inc. confirmed that iOS 11.4 will be their next iOS update and they already released number of iOS 11.4 beta versions for developers all around the world. According to those iOS 11.4 Beta versions, there are some certain new changes in default iOS and we are going to introduce you some of the main features among them.

Latest Features of iOS 11.4 Beta

As I mentioned above iOS 11.3 came up with some amazing new features for Apple fans all around the globe. According to Apple Inc. iOS, 11.4 will be their last update on iOS 11 as they are heading to iOS 12 and they might release it on WWDC 2018(World Wide Developer Conference). So they will release some amazing new features with iOS 11.4 and here are some we found by going through iOS 11.4 Beta version.

  • Messages on iCloud – this is one of the expected features that mentioned in iOS 11.3 beta as well. But unfortunately they did not maned to release it with iOS 11.3 but this time Apple is going to release this amazing feature with iOS 11.4. This will be valuable for heavy iMessage users as your messages will be stored in iCloud and you don’t have to worry about your device space or the safeness of your messages as well. As they all stored in iCloud, you can recover them anytime you need and that’s the best advantage of this amazing feature.
  • AirPlay Multi-Room Function – this feature allows you to get an output of the same audio into different devices which located different locations as well. Imagine you have two Apple TVs in two different rooms, so now it’s possible to make the party at the same time by using your iDevice easily.

According to Apple Inc. they will also fix some certain bugs of Siri with the release of iOS 11.4 and according to beta 1, this is all we got and we request you to stay tuned with us and we will keep updating our posts as soon they release a new feature in iOS 11.4.